Photometric lights with Real IES 3.1

By July 15, 2019 Software Development

Our photometric light creation tool – Real IES 3.1 – is out today!
there are plenty of fixes starting from an even more extended parser for IESNA variants. Real IES 3.1 is now capable to read and write more versions of .ies files and this makes the tool more versatile than ever. The thanks go to all the 3d artists, VFX specialists and lighting designers who constantly sent us “unsupported” .ies files

Real IES 3.1 User Interface

Real IES 3.1 has now an “Options Window” where there are going to sit all the future toggles and switches related to the behavior of the tool. For the moment there is a “HiDPI” toggle (available only if the resolution is higher than the FullHD), and a “microcandela” precision support.
Real IES is being used by lighting designers will all the kind of fixtures, from tungsten to halogen and even LEDs components and we are working more and more to expand every feature to support all of them both bor lighting design and CGI usage (with offline and real-time rendering in mind).

Real IES 3.1 Options Window

We also moved the “Login Window” inside the main UI of the program, this way it is always possible to reach everything, from contacting the @support to opening the manual.

Real IES 3.1 Login Window

There is also an experimental new companion Mobile App called “Real IES Mobile“. We are still in beta and we just announced it. The intent of this new app is to “grab” real world photometric lights using the same quick and intuitive approach of Real IES and store them in a new lightweight file format named .RIM
At the moment is still early to say how and if this app will be useful as intended, but we decided to invest also in this direction to provide a full range of tools for our users. Only the usage on the business field and your feedback will define the evolution and the destiny of this tool.

Real IES Mobile - Apps on Google PlayReal IES Mobile rating

Real IES 3.1 now supports 64-bit although the RAM usage is always very contained. We also fixed the RegKey on the PC version and users upgrading from 3.0 may have to login once again in the tool. The Render Academy Support Team is very reliable in any kind of inconvenience and they will be particularly active in monitoring the upgrades these days.

Real IES 3.1 64-bit

Finally, we upgraded the User Manual and we are going to record some new video tutorials on photometric lighting with Real IES 3.1

Real IES 3.1 User Manual

The upgrade is free as usual and I would be very glad if after using it you’d provide some feedback.
Download Real IES 3.1 PC version HERE and the MacOSX version HERE.

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