Real IES 3


Third main release of Real IES. This version is a total rewrite of every single feature and a massive change on the core of the software plus new features.

  • entirely rewritten core
  • new user interface
  • improved precision and performances
  • better usability and consistency
  • portable license
  • non symmetrical light support
  • extended parser
  • automated rebuild of symmetrical lights
  • LightGraph curve module
  • optional sharp light rays
  • granular values up to 1°
  • LightList inspector
  • optional entitlement of .ies
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • new user manual
  • OpenEXR 32-bit rasterizer
  • enhanced update check
  • more reliable intensity values
  • minor bugs corrections
Download Real IES 3 for MacDownload Real IES 3 for PC

Real IES 2

October, 2016

Second release of Real IES introducing a snapshot and parsing feature to import .ies files.

Real IES 1

September, 2015

First release of Real IES featuring 10 angles and a basic interpolation.

Real IES Beta

July, 2015

PlaySys’ internal tool used to quickly produce custom .ies files for b2b rendering projects.